View of GAAW with large paintings

View of GAAW with metal sculptures

View of GAWW during Last Friday Art Night

  • Measuring 17' wide and 10' high, the Guest Artist Art Wall (GAAW) serves as an exhibit opportunity for all artists, locally, regionally and nationally.
  • The GAAW will not be available to current DIHAC Gallery artists.
  • Art displayed on GAAW will be subject to Jury approval of the artist's portfolio and any other conditions imposed by the Jury. Pieces for exhibition will not necessarily be individually juried.
  • Upon the Jury's approval, an exhibiting agreement will be executed and a $100 non-refundable deposit by the artist/s will be required to guarantee the space.
  • Artists will be able to host their own gallery opening event. DIHAC will facilitate marketing through its extensive email list and Facebook audience.
  • The cost to exhibit on GAAW is $350 plus 30% of sales/month.


  • Please complete this form. If applying for the GAAW as a group of artists, please list the artists' names below and ask them to complete this form individually. Thank you.

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