Joyce Zirlott

  Joyce Zirlott started drawing with pencil, chalk, and charcoal around age seven and was able to take a two week course with George Bryant, a well-known local artist, at Alba Middle School at age 14. At age 15, she started painting some large shrimp boats as well as flowers in oil on canvas. She considers herself mostly self-taught but for the last two years has been painting with a group of artists. Joyce feels she is learning by watching Bill Morris, Corky Goldman, and others in a group of very talented artists . She states, “I feel very privileged to just sit and watch them paint. I have an addictive personality…. so what could be better than painting every night and going on a painting frenzy. I quit watching TV and get lost in my painting.” Recently she has been painting with water colors and also oils and says she can’t wait for the each new picture to begin. She always looks for that perfect one but knows the search is endless!