photo 5 Jean Cockrell has lived on the Island since February 2006, but has loved and been inspired by the beach and ocean for years prior.  Inspired by her Mother, who began painting in her 60's and became an accomplished landscape artist, Jean began to paint and draw in earnest after she retired from teaching Kindergarten in 1999.  She incorporates her love of the beach and her love for children in many of her paintings.  Her favorite subjects are children playing at waters edge! guitarShe also loves music and will play her guitar whenever asked.  She is a jogger and a swimmer and loves the outdoor lifestyle of Dauphin Island. Jean is an active member of Dauphin Island Baptist Church, where she teaches children in Sunday School and sings in the choir. Her paintings can be seen in the Gallery of the  Dauphin  Island Heritage and Arts Center.   photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1