juli-day-photo-with-art-croppedJuli Day Coastal Explorations Retired Art Educator, Master Naturalist, Camp Director of “Delta Discoveries”, Outdoor Enthusiast, Long Distant Hiker – having hiked over 1800 miles on the AT, Avid Kayaker who’s work is greatly influenced by experiences within nature and depicting favorite places, birds and flora from walks or paddles As an artist and environmentalist I find myself pulled into exploring nature, Hiking on foot and Kayaking through water With each now exploration I find new wonders Flora and Fauna My art is influenced by my interaction With nature and my travels across Many regions of the Southeast I have recently focused on Coastal Birds Reflecting the mood in which I capture the birds image Curious, at a stance, listening Grasses painted capturing breezes in the Mobile Tensaw Delta Expressing the gentle sounds of Movements of both Winds and Waters. I cherish the opportunity to sit or walk and lavish myself in periods of Meditation and contemplation in nature To get lost in the absence of sound other than those heard naturally, Birds singing, breezes blowing, animals rustling, insects living